Training Post is an easy to use learning management system. The system is designed to make it as simple as possible for organisations to provide access to online learning content.

Users log into the system to access elearning courses. They can see a list of the courses that have been shared with them by the account owners. Users can see which courses they have completed, and after completing courses they can download or print a certificate.

The account owners have the same access to courses as other users, however they also have access to additional functions which allow them to: 

  • manage users and groups

  • manage courses

  • manage course categories

  • report on the activity of other users 

  • control the branding of the platform

We occasionally refer to users as learners in the context of viewing courses.

Recommended order for setting up Training Post

  1. Contact Can Studios to have an account created for your organisation.

  2. Choose your branding images.

  3. Create user groups.

  4. Import or add users to groups.

  5. Add courses to the system and publish them.

  6. Make courses available to groups.

  7. Invite users.

  8. View reports.