Setting up a course

To add a course to your Training Post platform select “Manage > Courses” from the top menu. This will show you a list of all the courses in the system. 

Click the “ADD COURSE” button at the top of the Manage Courses page, which will then take you through the required steps.

Step 1 Add course information

Here you can add a title, a reference, add notes for managers, add a category, description and the typical time it would take to complete the course, these will be seen by users. The description field allows basic formatting such as bold, italics, bullet points and tables. Click "SAVE" to create the course.

Tip: All mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

Step 2 Add a module

Once the course has been created, you will be taken to the course profile page. To add a module to your course click on "ADD MODULE". You will be presented with several format options, such as: 

  • Elearning (SCORM)
  • Embedded Content 
  • Learner Task 
  • PDF

Once you select the desired format, you will be taken to an add module page where you can upload your module and add relevant information such as the module title, module ID (optional), module description and set up a window size. 

Depending on the format there can be special field such as: 

  • SCORM - allow learners to review the module after completion
  • Embedded Content - embed code field, format, icon and privacy warnings
  • Learner Task - content and marking guide
  • PDF - learner confirmation

Step 3 Certificate

A certificate issue will be turned on automatically upon creating a course. To edit this click on "EDIT CERTIFICATE". You will be then taken to the editing page where you can:

  • turn off the issue certificate option for your course
  • set up an expiry date for your certificate
  • set the amount of days before a certificate expiry reminder is sent to learners
  • display the learner's email address on the certificate
  • display the learner's score (if available)
  • format of the date using an international format or US format depending on your audience
  • upload a custom certificate background

Click "SAVE" to apply the desired changes.

Step 4 Publish

When a course is created it is not automatically published, this must be manually setup in the Availability panel. To publish your course click on "MANAGE AVAILABILITY". You will be taken to a page where you can use the toggle to publish the course, set up course attempt limits (if desired) and making it available to the ALL USERS group within that Organisation. If you would like to make it available to select users you can do this later (see this article). When you are done  Click "SAVE" confirm your choices.

Previewing a course

After successfully uploading a module, the account owner can select the “PREVIEW” button to open the course in a new window and see it as a learner would see it. See note about popup blockers.

It is best practice to attempt to complete the course to check that the status and pass status are correctly recorded and that, if relevant, the score is also present.

When the course window is closed you will see the course preview results page. 

Courses with multiple modules

If a course has multiple modules including PDF and SCORM files, and owner is able to preview each module by selecting the "PREVIEW" button.