When a course is first published it is not available to any users - you must select the user group(s) you wish to make it available to before anyone can see it.

Method one:

  • Select “Manage > Users and groups” from the top menu. 
  • Select the group you want to assign the course to from the groups panel.
  • Click the second tab, “Courses” in the  main panel of the page to see a list of all the published courses.
  • Each course has a switch to select whether the course is available to members of the selected group.

Method two:

  • Select “Manage > Courses” from the top menu. 
  • Select the course you want to assign from the list of courses and click edit.
  • At the bottom of the course edit screen is a list of all the groups in the system. Each group has a switch to select whether the course is available to its members.

NB Making a course available to a parent user group will automatically mean that members of all its child user groups can also access that course (because those users must be members of the parent group too). See more about group hierarchies.

To make a course available to everyone in the system, select the all users group and on the availability. 

As soon as a course’s availability is switched on, the course will be visible on the personal homepage of each of that group’s members..

Users may be members of several groups, and on their personal homepage a user will see all the courses that are available to them across all the groups they are a member of. However, if a course is available to more than one of the groups they are in, they will only see it listed once.