Previously added courses can be edited and deleted by going to the “Manage > Course page” and clicking the “EDIT” button for the relevant course. The steps for editing the course essentially work in the same way as for adding a course.

Updating course information

Changes to the course title, category or description will update as soon as you click “SAVE”. Users will see the updated information the next time they load that course. 

Replacing course files

You can replace a course’s SCORM file. All users opening the course will see the new files next time they open it. All certificates and scores will remain intact for users who have already completed the course.
NB Any users who attempt to resume a course they had already started will be forced to start again from the beginning.

Unpublishing a course

If you want to stop people accessing a course, but do not want to lose certificates and data, you can untick the “Published” option. 

The account owner will still be able to report on the course and access certificates, but learners will not be able to get to it themselves.

Deleting a course

You can delete a course from the Edit Course screen.

Please note that if a course is deleted:

  • ALL existing data for the course will be deleted, including learner attempts and scores 
  • no user will be able to launch the course
  • neither learners nor account owners will be able to access certificates for that course
  • the course will not show in any reports.

If you wish to stop people accessing the course without losing certificates you should unpublish it (see above).