To add a course to your Training Post platform select “Manage > Courses” from the navigation menu.

This will show you a list of all the courses in the system. Click the “ADD COURSE” button at the top of the manage courses page.

Course description

The add course page allows you to set a title, category and description for your course, these will be seen by users. The description field allows basic formatting such as bold, italics and tables.

SCORM zip file

Next you need to upload your elearning to Training Post. You must select a SCORM course and upload it as a zip file.

When you save the course the file will begin uploading, the screen will refresh and you will see the import status change to “Importing…”. This will automatically change to either “Success” or “Error”

If you get the error status please check that the course file is:

  • a SCORM file, and not the editable source files for the course creation
  • using SCORM version 1.2 - this is by far the most common and the one used by Training Post, but other versions do exist
  • 200MB or less - please contact us if you need to upload larger file sizes.

Previewing courses

After successfully uploading a course the account owner can click the “PREVIEW” button to open the course in a new window and see it as a learner would see it. See note about popup blockers.

It is best practice to attempt to complete the course to check that the status and pass status are correctly recorded and that, if relevant, the score is also present.

When the course window is closed you will see the course preview results page. If necessary you can use click the “SEE FULL OUTPUT” button to see diagnostic information.

Publishing courses

Courses can only be made available to users once they have been published. Giving learners access to published course is done selecting “Manage > Users and groups” from the top menu and assigning the course via the user groups. It is not possible to publish a course before the SCORM file has been successfully imported.